McKeller offers a final inspection service to ensure that the works constructed by contractors are completely done and conform to acceptable standards prior to handover. Any deficiencies or incomplete works found is then documented and reported to the clients. 


It is the nature of construction projects that latent defects caused by failures in design, workmanship or materials, will become apparent or detectable after a building has been in service; therefore, it is customary to undertake the inspection before builder’s warranty expires; once the builder’s warranty expires, any unresolved issues become the client’s responsibility.

Our team of expert consultants offers a pre-warranty expiration inspection service to prevent problems arisen from this matter.


McKeller offers a condition surveying services, providing an assessment of general physical property conditions at a specific point of time. Any deficiencies or deterioration of conditions found is then documented, and opinion on the situation of the property will be provided. The extent of the service may include evaluation of the budget estimates required for replacement and repair work depending upon the client’s need for information.

Condition Surveys can be carried out on the different objectives as follows:

  • To record current conditions of surrounding properties before a project is actually built to avoid disputes and claims.
  • To make informed decisions before purchasing a property, especially a pre-owned property. This would typically be referred to as due diligence.
  • To make informed decisions before renovation or development of on-going maintenance program.
  • To assess and record condition of a building before acquiring or entering a lease and also at expiry of a lease term.

Depending upon the amount of information required by the client, condition surveys can be classified as preliminary and detailed condition surveys.